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Moving into a new home can be exciting Ė getting to know new neighbors, discovering new places to go and see Ė moving is really a big event in oneís life. But it can be stressful as well Ė and unnecessarily so, if you fail to follow these very basic tips:

1. Mark and label your boxes.

Without this, you donít know whatís inside the dozen boxes you brought with you, much less do you know which box goes in what room. Youíll end up having to open everything and scatter everything before you get anything done. Itís tedious, and itís a mess. Make an inventory and list down the things youíll bring Ė make sure you only bring the things you want to and will fit your new home Ė so that you can keep track of all your belongings.

2. Know what the house or apartment will be like.

Make plans for your new home like what youíre going to use a certain room for. You wonít be able to organize properly when your boxes come if you donít do this very important step. Rushing around and deciding everything at the last minute will take a lot of time and will just wear you out needlessly, so best be prepared and have a plan early on.

3. Only bring the things you need and want.

Itís astounding at times to see how much junk so many people bring with them when they move. They may feel somewhat ďconnectedĒ to a certain piece of furniture or thing they found in the attic, bring it along and pay extra (since more weight and more things mean a bigger bill), and then just end up sticking it back up in their new attic. Why go through all those needless motions, when you can just sell off things you donít need or donít suit your new home and lifestyle? Whatever you do, leave all your junks behind and never look back.

4. Make sure that special items are packed well.

Some of your things may need special packaging or extra cushioning when youíre packing them, such as breakables and sharp implements like knives. Make sure that these things are neatly and properly packed, then labelled accordingly to make sure that they arenít damaged (or cause damage) during transport.

5. Pack your essentials.

Separate all the essential things you will need once you get to your new home. A couple of clothes, toiletries some pots and pans, spoons and forks, those kind of stuff. Pack these things separately so that youíll have an easier time setting up at least your most basic living needs once you get to your new home.

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