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Dogs feel stress during the move too. That is why you should make efforts to make moving as comfortable as possible for them too.

Do you know that dogs get carsick too? If your dog is not used to traveling by car you should take trips with him a few times before the moving day. This way he will get used to driving and less likely get carsick. Dogs can get nervous to the experience too so getting used to traveling will calm him down.

You should avoid heavy traffic during your travel because dogs are likely to get nauseous with frequent stops. But make sure you make stops to let him drink though. You would not want your dog to dehydrate during the travel. Do not feed him 4 hours before you depart from your old home too. Another problem is when your dog salivates a lot. You would need a lot of towels for the travel to prevent mess and odor inside the car. If that is not enough, you may crate him instead. If he really salivates a lot, you can keep him dry by putting a grid at the bottom of the crate.

Avoid having your dog put his face out of the window because this can cause damage to his eyes. Some dogs tend to jump out of the car so it would be better to keep him inside instead.

But before the day of the move, it would be better if you could visit your new home and assess possible problems for you and your dog. This way, you can make some immediate repairs. It is also imperative that your dog will have a safe and secure place to stay. Your place should be secure enough not to permit dog escape or runaway. You’d want your dog secure immediately when you arrive on your move so you can attend to other things.

Another thing to check out is the possibility of parasites to be living in your new home. It would be very unfortunate if your dog gets inflicted with them. It would also make his adjustment period more difficult.

Before you leave, you should also ask your vet for recommendations to a vet in your neighborhood. Then you should check out the doctor and clinic before the move. This way you’d know where to go should an emergency come up. You should also bring all his vet records so the transition from one vet to another would be easier and faster.

With the stress that a dog feels during a move they tend to runaway. So again, it is very important to have a secure home. You should have one of his latest photos just in case you need to search for him.

Dogs need to adjust to water too. Since some places got dirty water you should bring loads of water in your travel too. This way the dog would encounter less stressful things during your travel. Your dog will also be healthier and well behaved during this period.

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