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The Moving Checklist: A Guide to Planning Your Move to a New Home

Moving to a new house can be an overwhelming task. With so many things to do, it would be practically impossible to remember everything. A moving checklist is a detailed list of things to do before the big move. A moving checklist organises tasks according to the timeframe that they must be done.

Here is a general moving checklist for you to use:

Eight Weeks before Moving Day

Have a “moving binder”.
Use one binder or folder for all documents related to your move, such as receipts, price quotations, your moving checklist, and an inventory of your items.

Give your spouse a copy of the moving checklist.
Print out a copy of your moving checklist for your spouse, so that you are both aware of what still needs to be done. If you think of other things that need to be done, simply add the task to your moving checklist under the appropriate timeframe.

Sort through your things.
One by one, go through the rooms in your house and decide on which items you would like to keep, and which ones you would like to get rid of. If you are leaving behind a lot of things, you may want to hold a boot sale or donate the items to a local charity.

Look for a moving company.
Explore your options for a moving company to use on moving day. Ask for cost estimates.

Notify people regarding your change of address.
List down the people you will need to notify of your new address, such as schools, employers, credit card companies, the post office, and magasines or newspapers that you subscribe to.

Schedule the connection and disconnection of utilities.
Schedule the disconnection of utilities such as the phone line, cable, Internet, electricity, and water at your old house. Meanwhile, schedule the connection of these utilities at your new house.

Six Weeks before Moving Day

Get your packing materials ready.
Start purchasing your cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Have plenty of packing tape and markers handy.

Create a moving checklist for your children.
Make a moving checklist for your children as a fun way to get them involved in the moving process. The moving checklist for the children can consist of anything from having to clean their rooms to choosing which stuffed animal to bring in the car on moving day.

Four Weeks before Moving Day

Start packing.
Start putting together the items that you’d like to bring to your new house, but don’t use on a regular basis. Have a separate box for your valuables such as jewellery and legal documents, which you should personally take with you on moving day.

Select which moving company or rental truck to use.
Make arrangements with the moving company you are using. Get written confirmation of the cost and other details.

A Few Days before Moving Day

Pack suitcases.
Just in case, pack a suitcase for each member of the family, containing a change of clothes and personal items.

Double-check details with the moving company.
Contact your moving company and make sure that everything is set for the big day. Reconfirm the cost that you have agreed on, and make sure that the movers have the correct address and know what time to be at your house.

Moving Day

Prepare snacks and drinks.
Make sure that you have refreshments and snacks for your family members and the movers.

Take inventory.
Have an inventory of the items that are with the movers. Make sure to sign the bill of lading, and keep a copy for yourself.

Lock up.
Before leaving for your new home, take a last walk through the house and make sure that nothing is left behind. Close the windows and lock the doors.

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