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Your pets may also feel stressed with your moving. So make sure you always consider the comfort of your pets before, while, and after the moving.

Things to Do Before You Move with Pets

Preparation is the key for everything to make your pets feel comfortable while moving. But donít worry because there are a lot of things you can do to make them feel this.

First, never feed your pet within at least three hours before you go on with your trip. They wonít feel comfortable when you do or they may even experience nausea.

Hours before your transportation, you should ensure that your pet will not go somewhere else. Put them in one room, like the bathroom so they cannot escape. Place a sign on the door to remind your kids and everyone that your pet is in there.

Prepare a quality pet carrier that is specially made to transport animals. This is very important to make sure your pet is safe and will feel at ease while traveling. You can also help your pet be familiar with the his carrier by encouraging your pet to use it before your moving.

Make sure you have these things at hand before the moving: food, water, can opener, dishes, lease, toys, treats, beddings, plastic bags, scooper.

While Moving with Your Pets

Your pet might feel uncomfortable on a long travel. Help them through this process by placing your scent on a piece of cloth in their cage. It will help them feel relaxed and comforted.

Food and water are also very important to have at hand while you travel. Some pets, specially the younger ones, get thirsty and hungry so easily while traveling.

You can also do some walking when you stop from driving during your travel. This can help your pet stretch their muscles and be more relaxed for the next drive.

You should also make sure not to leave your pet alone in a parked car during a warm weather because temperature can quickly rise or drop during this season. Sudden change in temperature can also cause injury or even death to your pet.

Birds and small pets like hamsters should have their cages covered with cloth while traveling. Meanwhile, fish can be more difficult to move. You might need a special place for it. Better ask your veterinarian for advice.

When You Have Already Moved

Hereís the most important thing you should do when you have already moved: get your pet an ID tag that tells about your new address and your telephone number. Of course, you donít want to lose your beloved pet when you move.

Also, prepare your new home and the place for your pet. Have all the things you need at hand like food, water, bed, medication, litter box, health records, and bowl.

You can hire services from professional companies who can handle your pet better. This way, your pet can be safer and feel more comfortable while moving. So if you will shop for a removals company, make sure to ask about how they will transfer your pet and make sure that they can do it rightly and carefully.

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